More about the Martingale betting system

Martingale betting system is certainly one of the most popular betting systems in the world. It is especially popular for the less experienced players who think it offers certain profit. However, the better players know that this system has serious drawbacks, mainly related to the need to spend too much to win something.

For those who do not know what Martingale is, here’s a quick explanation. Martingale betting system is related to the increase of the wager to cover the accumulated loses. When you finally make the winning bet, it would cover all losing done so far, plus a profit.

Most of the players play the Martingale betting system on the following principle. It does look good for football prediction with coefficients of 2 or more. If it wins, it gives you money in your pocket and game starts once again. But if the bet is a loss, you have to double the wager. For example, the you bet an Euro and it is a loss. The next bet should be with 2 euros. If it is a loss again, you have to make another double bet – it should be with four Euros. You have to do this until you make a winning bet.

Let’s say that the player wins on the third stage or where the stakes are four euros. Four multiplied by two is eight, which is the payout. We take back the losses that we have done so far 1 + 2 + 4 = 7 and we can see that we need 7 euros to win eight or in other words the pure profit is one Euro.

This is why the good players usually don’t like Martingale. This betting system has a serious drawback and it lies on the fact that the player is forced to play with greater odds.

To bet with lower odds of higher success rate, you need more effort, but what should it be? Fortunately, there is a special formula that gives you the needed numbers to bet on small odds with Martingale.

This formula is: (A + B) / (C-1) = D where A is the desired profit, B is the amount of all wagers made ​​so far. If this is the first effort then B is 0. C is the odds that we will bet on and D is the amount bettor must wager.

With this simple formula, anyone can use the Martingale betting system with different odds.

However, a word of warning. Martingale system is a losing system in the long term and I would not recommend you to play with it.

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