Oman vs Japan 1AH (1)

In the current coupon we can see many friendly matches and some matches from the World Cup Qualifications in Asia. One of my principles is not to bet on friendlies because they are too uncertain, so my prediction will be for today’s match between Oman and Japan from the World Cup qualifiers in Asia.

The Japanese team is the favorite in this match, as they lead the group with 10 points from four games and are five points ahead of the second team in the group – Australia. Traditionally, the players from Japan overcome these qualifications, which is normal since the Japanese championship is perhaps the best in Asia.

The team of Oman also performs very well in this World Cup qualifications. They holds the third place with 5 points just like the second team in the standings – Australia. These two teams played against each other, which match ended with a 1-1 draw and is certainly indicative for the class of the hosts.

For this match, I can only rely on the statistics of the matches played by Oman and Japan. As host, Oman won against Thailand and Jordan and made a draw with Australia. The guests from Japan played only a single match away and it ended with a draw against Australia.

What does bookies offer for this match? The favorites from Japan are estimated on 1.5 from Bet365 and 1.45 from Sportingbet. Oman odds are 7.5 with both bookmakers. However, I’m more intrigued by the proposal for an Asian handicap bet provided by Bet365 for the hosts with one goal margin. For this bet bet365 offers odds of 2.

The proposal looks really good, since Oman for sure plays well in these qualifiers and remain unbeaten at home, despite playing with the other favorite in the group Australia. Separately, the hosts of Oman have played twice against Japan so far and they hadn’t a single loss by more than one goal. That’s why I think the possible bet for a victory for Oman with a margin of 1 goal and odds of 2 is good enough to play.

Here is a video from the last game between these two ended with a victory for for the hosts of Japan with 3-0: