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Odd against Rosenborg – Home win DNB

After 8 played friendlies in the preseason and 7 of them without a single scored goal. The balance is 5 losses, two draws and just one win. Can you tell which is the Norwegian team? Well, do not try too hard because I’m going to tell you. This is Rosenborg, which in turn starts Tippeligaen as one of the favorites for the title.

A survey among all coaches in Norway pointed at Rosenborg as the biggest favorite to win the title, but the first match for the team from Trondheim will be complicated. Rosenborg will play as a guest with Odd Grønland which played more than well in their last few matches.

The hosts played seven controls so far, they won four, two ended in a draw and they allowed one loss against Viking. Particularly impressive was the victory over Shakhtar Donetsk with 1-0 and the versus with Stabaek 3:0.

It is obvious that the team is in good shape and starved for gains and good ranking. But will this be enough against Rosenborg? This will be the main issue when we make our predictions for this match.

Rosenborg definitely has problems scoring goals and we all know without that you simply can’t win. That’s why I think to focus on Asian Handicap betting markets with favor for the hosts.

Bet365 proposes coefficient of 2 for a win for the hosts from Odd with Draw no bet, which is more than good and is a relatively safe bet with good odds. Something that I am not going to miss.

Champions League betting predictions – Shakhtar against Juventus

FC Shakhtar Donetsk against Juventus is a match from this round of Champions League which in my opinion is with a predetermined outcome. A draw here will allow both teams to advance into the eliminations and will throw Chelsea out from the defense of their title from the last year.

I am completely sure that the Ukrainians from Shakhtar haven’t thought in the beginning of the tournament that in a group with Juventus and Chelsea they would be able to finish on the first place. Now a draw against the Italian would do that.

When we have an Italian team that needs a draw to advance forward we usually have a draw as a final result.

So, without more explanations I am going to make my bet for this match and it will be for a draw, even if the odds are very low. Right now both Bet365 and Sportingbet offer 1.8 for a draw for the Champions League’s match between Shakhtar and Juventus.

Premier League betting – Everton against Arsenal

Everton against Arsenal is one of the most exciting matches in this round of the Premier League. The match will be played on Wednesday at 19.45 local time at Goodison Park.

Everton started the season very strong with a win against Manchester United in the first leg. The win was followed by a long series of good results. It is even more impressing because Everton play in very good style so far, especially in the match against Swansea as a guest, when they played as one of the very best teams in England.

The main reason for the Everton’s rising is undoubtedly Marouane Fellaini, who is set slightly further into the opponents field. It seems that he is extremely dangerous on that position. Fellaini, with his powerful, but yet clever game, combined with the dominance in the air really fear the opposite defense. He helps David Moyes playing well with the his most desired system 4-4-1-1.

However, it is getting obvious that as good as Fellaini becomes he slightly becomes one of the major drawbacks for Everton this season. The team has become too dependent on his game and this could be used by Arsene Wenger and his players. It is not quite sure who should play against Fellaini in the air, but this is a problem that Wenger could solve.

David Moyes has one other issue before the match against Arsenal. It is that his players look a little tired in the last few matches. For, his idea was to have a strong start of the season, which is what happened, but it comes with a price and in the middle of the season his players are no longer as fresh as they should be for winning matches in the Premier League.

If we must talk about Arsenal, we can say that they have their typical season. They are slightly better than the teams that are around Europa League places and infinitely far from the title race. The team is more stable this year, but much less dangerous compared to the last season. At least Arsenal should never be put in the role of the weaker one against Everton.

Moreover, Arsenal haven’t lost to Everton in their last 10 matches in the Premier League, and I see no reason for this to happen on Wednesday night. So my tip for this game is for a win for Arsenal on the Asian handicap markets with a margin of 0,0.5 and a coefficient of 1.825.

The video is from the last match between Everton and Arsenal which ended 0:1 for the Gunners.

Montpellier to win against Arsenal with +1.5 on AH

Arsenal will play against Montpellier in a match which is very important for the hosts’ chances to qualify further in the Champions League. If the British team win this match and Schalke lose from Olympiakos, Arsenal will go further for sure. The only question is will they complete the group as the leaders or as the second team in the group.

Everything has gone completely wrong for Montpellier in this year’s Champions League, as they hold the last place in the group with just one point from four matches.

Arsenal come into this match after an impressive win in the Premier League against Spurs with 5-2, but the victory only hides the huge problems that Arsenal have. We mustn’t forget the first 15 minutes against Tottenham, Arsenal were completely outplayed and only the red card received by Adebayor allowed Arsenal players to get back in the game.

Arsenal defenders make mistake after mistake and it’s too many for a team in the Champions League. We could see it in the last game the team played in the Champions League. Then headed Arsenal away to Schalke 2-0 and missed the win in the match afterwords.

Of course, Montpellier players are not in their best form, especially in the Champions League. Right now they are in a series of three games without a win in their national championship.

No matter how weak are the guests in this match, they don’t deserve the poor odds they have. Therefore, I bet for Montpellier in this game, but I’m going to do it on handicap. I’ll bet for the guests with an advantage at 1.5 goals with odds suggested by Bet365 at 1.875, which is high enough that it covers the home win by one goal margin.

In the video below you can see the key moments in the first match between Montpellier and Arsenal from the first round of the Champions League:

Bet for a draw between West Ham and Stoke

An English soccer match from the good old days. This is what we’re all are going to see tonight in the English Premier League. West Ham United and Stoke City will battle each other in the final match of the twelfth round in the league. For anyone who has seen a match between these two is obvious that they still play in a typical British style. As people say, West Ham and Stoke are the fresh breeze from the Old English soccer, which is already very, very rare to see after the league was filled with foreigners.

Sam Allardyce and Tony Pulis are also two of the most attractive coaches in England, although I am quite sure that my grandmother knows how will be both teams play and what they will do to take the win.

The old style of game makes the match between West Ham and Stoke so unpredictable. Honestly, I’m not going to bother me very much to think about different parts of the game for both teams, as it is a match where players will create approximately 10 goal opportunities and will shoot three or four times a target.

If any of the strikers in both team is in good form he could score a goal, maximum two. This is why I would bet on Under 2.5 goals in the match scored by both teams but it would be bad bet, because of the too low odds. Bet365 gives 1.61 and Sportingbet offers only 1.6.

This match is simply too unpredictable. Therefore I am going to put a very small bet on a draw. On one hand, this typically British battle between two equally strong teams and on the other, there hasn’t been a match ended in a draw in this round so far. This is a special reason to bet on a draw, but in the entire last season there were only two rounds without a single draw match.

Thus, with a small bet I will back the draw in the match between West Ham and Stoke City with odds of 3.3 from Bet365 and 3.25 from Sportingbet.

In the video you can watch the match between the two teams in last year FA Cup:

Lorient vs Lille – Both teams to score

Lorient versus Lille is the first match of the thirteenth round of the French championship. These two are among the teams with most draw matches in the league. Lorient has six draws in twelve matches while Lille is with five draws from the same number of matches.

However, the both teams enter the match with a completely different expectations. The hosts from Lorient is in a series of seven games without a win both at home and away. The guest from Lille has made three consecutive victories against Brest, Evian and Valenciennes.

Curiously, just three rounds ago the roles of this two team were completely different. Lorien hadn’t known the loss yet and was near the top of the standings. Lille presented not particularly bad too, but the three wins in a row definitely contributed for the confidence of the players.

Despite the big number of draws, the hosts from Lorient play a good attacking football. They make nearly twelve goal attempts per game and often score goals. But in the last two matches it was the defense that brought problems for the team. In both matches Lorient allowed four goals.

Lille players presented no worse as guests. Today they are one of three or four teams in France which has more goals attempts than their opponents when they play as guests. The average number of goals opportunities created by the Lille players is 11 while they allow only 9 per game.

All this shows that tonight we are going to see an exciting and open match in which the goals and goal attempts for both teams will be very likely. Therefore, my prediction for this fight will be both teams to score. Bet365 gives 1.72 for it, which is not ideal, because I hoped for at least 1.8, but yet will I make the bet. In Sportingbet the odds is 1.727. So my bets for tonight’s match will be with Sportingbet on Both teams to score.

Take a look at the video below. It is from the match between these two in 2010. The match ended with the incredible result of 6:3:

More about the Martingale betting system

Martingale betting system is certainly one of the most popular betting systems in the world. It is especially popular for the less experienced players who think it offers certain profit. However, the better players know that this system has serious drawbacks, mainly related to the need to spend too much to win something.

For those who do not know what Martingale is, here’s a quick explanation. Martingale betting system is related to the increase of the wager to cover the accumulated loses. When you finally make the winning bet, it would cover all losing done so far, plus a profit.

Most of the players play the Martingale betting system on the following principle. It does look good for football prediction with coefficients of 2 or more. If it wins, it gives you money in your pocket and game starts once again. But if the bet is a loss, you have to double the wager. For example, the you bet an Euro and it is a loss. The next bet should be with 2 euros. If it is a loss again, you have to make another double bet – it should be with four Euros. You have to do this until you make a winning bet.

Let’s say that the player wins on the third stage or where the stakes are four euros. Four multiplied by two is eight, which is the payout. We take back the losses that we have done so far 1 + 2 + 4 = 7 and we can see that we need 7 euros to win eight or in other words the pure profit is one Euro.

This is why the good players usually don’t like Martingale. This betting system has a serious drawback and it lies on the fact that the player is forced to play with greater odds.

To bet with lower odds of higher success rate, you need more effort, but what should it be? Fortunately, there is a special formula that gives you the needed numbers to bet on small odds with Martingale.

This formula is: (A + B) / (C-1) = D where A is the desired profit, B is the amount of all wagers made ​​so far. If this is the first effort then B is 0. C is the odds that we will bet on and D is the amount bettor must wager.

With this simple formula, anyone can use the Martingale betting system with different odds.

However, a word of warning. Martingale system is a losing system in the long term and I would not recommend you to play with it.

Oman vs Japan 1AH (1)

In the current coupon we can see many friendly matches and some matches from the World Cup Qualifications in Asia. One of my principles is not to bet on friendlies because they are too uncertain, so my prediction will be for today’s match between Oman and Japan from the World Cup qualifiers in Asia.

The Japanese team is the favorite in this match, as they lead the group with 10 points from four games and are five points ahead of the second team in the group – Australia. Traditionally, the players from Japan overcome these qualifications, which is normal since the Japanese championship is perhaps the best in Asia.

The team of Oman also performs very well in this World Cup qualifications. They holds the third place with 5 points just like the second team in the standings – Australia. These two teams played against each other, which match ended with a 1-1 draw and is certainly indicative for the class of the hosts.

For this match, I can only rely on the statistics of the matches played by Oman and Japan. As host, Oman won against Thailand and Jordan and made a draw with Australia. The guests from Japan played only a single match away and it ended with a draw against Australia.

What does bookies offer for this match? The favorites from Japan are estimated on 1.5 from Bet365 and 1.45 from Sportingbet. Oman odds are 7.5 with both bookmakers. However, I’m more intrigued by the proposal for an Asian handicap bet provided by Bet365 for the hosts with one goal margin. For this bet bet365 offers odds of 2.

The proposal looks really good, since Oman for sure plays well in these qualifiers and remain unbeaten at home, despite playing with the other favorite in the group Australia. Separately, the hosts of Oman have played twice against Japan so far and they hadn’t a single loss by more than one goal. That’s why I think the possible bet for a victory for Oman with a margin of 1 goal and odds of 2 is good enough to play.

Here is a video from the last game between these two ended with a victory for for the hosts of Japan with 3-0:

Betting tips for Aston Villa vs Manchester United

The last Saturday match from the Premier League is between Aston Villa and Manchester United. Both teams continues with the tradition of the last few seasons and they are the on the two opposite edges of the table. United is the leader with 24 points, while Aston Villa are on the 17th place with only 9 points.

United are in a series of four consecutive victories in which they managed to beat Chelsea and Newcastle as guest and won over Arsenal at home. Meanwhile, Villa have lost to teams like Southampton, Fulham and West Ham.

Can Brendan Rodgers players challenge the Red Devils? I see this as the most important question when we do our betting prediction, because it is too easy just to say – “United will win this one”.

I think there are some signs that Brendan Rodgers has managed to stabilize Aston Villa and stop the collapse which we saw in the last two seasons and the beginning of this one. The team has started to build his style of play and the result can be seen in the victory over the solid in my opinion team of Sunderland with 0:1 away from home.

In addition to that, Brendan Rodgers managed to lead the game well against Manchester United last season. He lost twice against United with Norwich, but both games were not easy for the Red Devils. A goal in the last minute made by Ryan Giggs took the victory in the first match and two goals in the second half decided the other.

That’s why I’d bet for Aston Villa with a goal advantage on the Asian Handicap markets with odds of two. I see this as a really good bet. Thus, a loss of the hosts with one goal margin would return me the money, which is more than fine.

Moreover, in the last four seasons Manchester United have not been able to beat this handicap with a victory with 0:1 and three draws.